Homeschool – A Day in the Life, Part II: Curriculum

Imperfect Happiness

In Part I, I gave an overview of our homeschooling lives. In this post, I provide information about the materials we use and how we chose them. Not every homeschooling family uses materials of this type, this is just what we use (for now).

When it comes to curriculum and how child-led I want my children’s education to be, I’m influenced by both The Well-Trained Mind (which I’ll abbreviate as TWTM) and Thomas Jefferson Education (see A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-First Century by Oliver DeMille), both of which encourage families to use different approaches to suit their child’s age, development, interests, and temperament.

What seems to be working for us at this point is for me to set up a list of subjects that it’s important to me that my daughter cover, and then let my daughter help me in deciding what…

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A verdadeira face do Conde d’Eu, revelada em sua correspondência pessoal

XXV Encontro Monárquico Nacional – 06 Junho 2015

Terceira palestra ministrada pelo Prof. Armando Alexandre do Santos: “A verdadeira face do Conde d’Eu, revelada em sua correspondência pessoal”.

O palestrante também é autor do livro “Parlamentarismo, sim! Mas à brasileira: com Monarca e com Poder Moderador eficaz e paternal.