We can not reach for God by ourselves

Allan L. Dos Santos

Every time man alone has reached for God, he has found many troubles that are impossible to overcome. Consequently, the moment we understand, we assent that only God may reach to man. In other words, only He can be a bridge between the soul and Himself. Nothing worldly or terrestrial or of similar matter, is able to bring our soul to heaven.

However, God did not leave us by ourselves. Since we fall, we are unable to do or to know anything supernatural about Him. Namely, not even our goodness or our strongest effort is capable to get supernatural virtues. Although, man can think and do good in natural terms.

Therefore, every time we need to figure out what to think and to do, we should call upon God’s help in supernatural matters as well as call upon loyalty to knowledge of natural matter. In this subject we can not mix, but we can harmonize, illuminating the natural matters with supernatural lights.


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