João Pedro Stedile, A Known Marxist Invited By Vatican

One of strongest Marxist group in South America is posting many Pope Francis’ supporting messages. In his messages Pope Francis doesn’t say anything heretical, but, can you guys imagine what is to see THE POPE supporting the groups you fight against for years and years?

Another article (in Portuguese) saying how much Pope Francis is supporting them:

João Pedro Stedile, the director of “MST” (People Has No Property Movement — IN PORTUGUESE), a Brazilian known Marxist movement says:

“I’m here in Italy, invited BY Vatican, because they paid my ticket to speech in this Seminary that’s a request of Pope Francis, who determined that the Pontifical Academy of Vatican, he took a scientific seminar to discuss the problem of excluded people in the world. And for the first time the Pontifical Academy, instead of just inviting scientists, renowned academics, invited the social movements, and why I’m here, and I feel very honored, because I am here representing the MST”.

He, for example, praise HUGO CHÁVEZ, and closed his speech with this sentence:

“We will have an agrarian reform around the world and Pope Francisco will help!”

João Pedro Stédile is convinced Marxist fanatic, who defends even the use of weapons for their heinous goals. He has the dream of promoting in our country, the same as happened in Russia, a socialist revolution. I, as a Brazilian citizen, I consider it a real terrorist who should be behind bars.

Folks, MST steal private property in Brazil. I repeat THEY STEAL PROPERTY supported by communist party.

The video of Pope Francis:

“I welcome those who are participating in this meeting of the Via Campesina, which expresses, in some way, the love of the land and the relationship between caregiver land, work the land, and the earth, as who responds by giving his wealth and fruit. Care for the earth is not abuse it is to work the land and at the same time, working it in community, work it like brothers. This relationship between the creation that God has given us and that God wants to fellowship with us, will make us well at all. Do not mistreat the land, not mistreat among ourselves and move on. God bless you.”

Videos in Portuguese unmasking the MST supported by FARC (Colombian terrorist):

For you, American, perhaps, it’s not so strong, but for us who saw the Pope John Paul II fighting against Liberation Theology, that’s very, very, very sad. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


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