Venezuela, Brazil, South America, the communism and Pope Francis

João Pedro Stedile with MST’s flag

As we already said here, João Pedro Stedile was received by the Vatican, which paid all his all travel expenses (Ticket, Hotel, etc), now is saying: “the classical agrarian reform, based in invasions, camp and distribution of land, it’s outdated and it’s necessary dispute towns!“.

Where is the voice of Vatican on Venezuela civil war? Two salesian priests died there already. As such this peaceful student:

Bassil DaCosta, murdered by the communist government of Venezuela. He has no weapon.

MST leader João Pedro Stédile says that the movement now want to occupy cities beyond farms. And the reasons we now very well:

João Pedro Stédile and Chávez

You cannot understand what is going in South America without to understand THE FORO DE SÃO PAULO:

Bishop Tomás Balduíno support the MST, one of Foro de São Paulo’s group :

Radio Vaticana reported that “Venezuela expels U.S. diplomats” and “Venezuelan leader expels news agency from country“, but no rejection, no moaning, no condemnation. While it’s happening, MST leader says Pope Francisco is a win for the poor. I’m in USA and still have internet, but “Venezuelan Government Cuts Internet Access, Blocks Websites In War Against Student Protesters“. Does Brazil will be the next? Does the Pope Francis speak out against that? What is going on at the Holy See?

Far from wanting to write a summary of what is happening in Venezuela, I just want to ask a question:

His Holiness, why support a communist movement?

This video from MST’s youtube channel with Pope Francis message is shameful:


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