Ukrainian priest is kidnapped

By Allan L. Dos Santos

Fr. Lubomir JaworskiIn according to the Official Ukrainian Greek Catholic Website News, Father Lubomir Jaworski, Deputy Head of Department of the Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC for Pastoral Forces of Ukraine, today known gunmen directly from the parish church of the Assumption of Sevastopol was kidnapped and taken to an unknown father Nicholas Kvych, pastor.

This information was confirmed by parishioners who were at worship, and in a telephone conversation with his wife.

Not once UGCC priest received during March 2014 the threat of verbal or written manner, with the requirement to leave the territory of Crimea. But all pastors have decided not to leave his flock, especially in such difficult times.

Father Nicholas, except any duties of the pastor, performs service in the Crimea chief military chaplain Church. “This is – according to Fr. Jaworski – could have caused such an armed” self-defense Crimea” to him. ”

Place where the priest is still unknown. The phone is not responding .

UGCC Information Department.


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