Essential reading from Fr. Marie Eugene of the Child Jesus OCD

Trecho do livro “I Want to see God” do Pe. Egênio Maria do Menino JESUS em Inglês:

Carmel, Garden of God

This excerpt from I Want to see God is a must for anyone interested in Carmelite spirituality –


The gift of self attracts in return the mercy of God; humility increases the soul’s capacity for grace; silence protects the efficacy of God’s action in the soul.

In the First Mansion, Saint Teresa stressed the necessity of recollection if we would discover the presence of God in the soul and the treasures He has hidden there. Now, in this second phase of the soul’s progress, the need for silence becomes imperative. Previously, it was sufficient to be recollected from time to time; a recollection that is as frequent and constant as the action of God, is now an absolute requirement.

We must then speak of silence. The importance and difficulties of the subject could lead us into a long discussion. One must bear in mind, however, that it would…

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